Affiliate Disclosure

Hello reader! Below you’ll find some boiler plate text.

Here at aoreugif I believe in informed consent. That being said, know that I’m currently an unlicensed engineer who’s not allowed to advertised engineering services to the public. This includes government entities and just the public in general. Yet, here we are. Also, you’ll notice that I may place ads on here from different advertisers including Google Adsense and Native Amazon links. They’re usually marked by the wording “Ads by Google” or “ad Choices.”

I might review or talk about a product stating that I’m an “engineer” or “biomedical engineer.” Again, I am not licensed, nor am I allowed to offer any legal or medical advise. If I offer content on biomedical devices, know that I’m only an expert on the technical aspects of a design and have little experience on the clinical side of thing. That rash on your skin, you should probably not seek my advise on it. I can’t tell you if a product mentioned here is something you need. That being said, know that I do receive a small commission from the ads and products mentioned on this website if the reader decides to purchase an item or service I link to. Not every link is an affiliated link, but I do have bills to pay and bandwidth isn’t free. I am sometimes affiliated with not-for-profit organizations (and I will definitely talk about them every now and then), but understand that this website is a for-profit site. My business friends tell me to use non-profits as tax write offs, and in the end that’s probably what I’m doing. #justSaying

The fee schedule provided by the affiliate program does at times influence the content, topics or posts made on this site (books yield lower percentages than hardware/power supplies, while beauty products max out at around 10%); but if something is shady and I know about it, I will disclose that information (unless I can’t for some canary related reason or for reasons related to EVE Online). The views and opinions alluded to on this website are my own. They’re not my employer’s nor the non-profits associated with me.

If I claim or appear to be an expert on a certain topic or product or service area, I will only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

This site could contain content with conflicts of interest, especially when an alliteration allows it. It is left for the reader to reread between the lines and consult a licensed engineer, attorney, or physician when presented with questionable content.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me here. I am happy to answer your questions.

Notice: The only exceptions to what was stated is content related to EVE Online and Canaries. We (myself and 3rd parties) will actively encourage you to try things that could be against your interest, but such is EVE. Canaries or “warrant canary” is a method of signaling a compromised status when otherwise unallowed to bring notice of such a thing.

Example 1: If we provide bookmarks that you download to use on the EVE Online platform, don’t be surprised if the game mechanics brings you to an unfriendly POS. EVE has consequences.

Example 2: While traveling, I need to declare my assets through customs. Sometimes, the people there have special government powers and because every country gets to make their own laws, they’ll have a mechanism preventing me to bring notice of some event, like say, them making me unzip my laptop and handing them my keys. It’s very graphic stuff, but that’s the sort of thing expected to happen. Unfortunately, this also happens in the United States which is where I’m from. It’s a form of compelled speech.