About this Website – A story about a guy, is a knowledge sharing website. It’s a passion project started by Julio in order to place notes on the internet somewhere he wouldn’t forget.

About the Author

Julio B. Figueroa, B.Sc. is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Howard Hughes College of Engineering. However, that degree, which was in mechanical engineering, doesn’t prevent him from crossing over to other fields. When asked by others, “Why did you choose mechanical engineering?” He replies, “mechE was the hardest field I could think of at the time.” Since that time, Julio has discovered about 15 or 20 other fields with knowledge just taunting him, daring him to come over and understand. Can he solve Schrödinger equation? Of course! But the solution will be uncertain. However, being, not a scientist, but an engineer, he would sell you the confidence internal of uncertainty and then upsell to make the results six-sigma compliant.

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