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This robotic course is intended for Upper School 2 students. The curriculum covers simple mechanisms, circuits, and programming related to robotic applications. Towards the end of the semester students will learn about temperature sensors and how to construct a robot to take temperature readings from its environment. We will be using Raspberry Pis for the circuit portion of the curriculum. Knowledge of introductory algebra, basic CAD and python programming is required. Classwork not finished may be turned in during recess or submitted via e-mail from home. Additionally, a well documented end of semester project is required for course completion.

Grades: Satisfactory >= 70%; Unsatisfactory < 70%
Projects 70%; Classwork 20%; Participation 5%; Behavior 5%

34 Introductions: Bill of Materials
35 4-Bars Linkage: Crank-Slider, Crank-Rocker
36 4-Bar Linkage: Grashof Condition
37 Gears: Torque vs Velocity
38 Gears: Series vs Parallel
39 Gears: Input-Output Ratios
40 Arm Robot: Building
41 Arm Robot: Programming
42 Circuits: Measurements with Multimeter
43 Circuits: Wiring and Schematics
44 Circuits: Wheatstone Bridge
45 Programming: Introduction to RaspPi
46 Programming: Temperature Sensor
47 Programming: LCD Display
48 Project
49 Project
50 Project
51 Project